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11:51 9 03 2021

The linguistic services we offer are:
Translation, Interpreting, Revision and Language Consulting.

Our services are designed to satisfy any needs our clients may have regularly, or on occasion, relating to the use of language:

  • Translations of any type of text.
  • Hiring interpreters for business meetings.
  • Revising and correcting documents.
  • Communication with other countries on behalf of the client via e-mail or telephone; services for marketing, legal, or sales departments, etc.

We promise to work with you on all of your projects, regardless of the length of the text to be translated. For this reason, we do not have a minimum billable amount in order to accept a project.

We guarantee the utmost professionalism in our services and we stand behind the quality of our translations, providing follow-up work until the client is completely satisfied.




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