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04:03 28 10 2021
LTS and the Environment
At LTS we are committed to a quality management model and believe in good environmental practices to help care for our surroundings, reduce energy impact and contribute to the sustainable development of our society.

A challenge to which we can all make a contribution by getting actively involved and following some basic principles like reducing, reusing and recycling.

In our offices we have introduced measures to reduce the environmental impact of our work:

Avoiding the use of paper as far as possible by saving documents in digital format, optimising the number of copies, and taking full advantage of the intranet and email.
Using laptops and flat panel monitors that are more energy efficient.
Using black screen-savers on all our computers to reduce energy consumption.
All our equipment is classified as energy efficient and disconnects when not being used.
Using chlorine-free recycled paper and rechargeable consumables.
Keeping the air-conditioning at a constant temperature.
Making the best possible use of natural lighting by positioning the workstations to receive natural light.
Using low-consumption light bulbs.
Selective recycling of all the waste generated in the office.
Providing drinking fountains for visitors instead of bottles of water.

With these simple measures, together with others, LTS hopes to add its grain of sand for a cleaner future and sustainable development.


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